Dog walking Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Happy go lucky paws offers group dog walking services in Sydney Eastern Suburbs. Group dog walks help dogs become more social and is a much more pleasant experience for them.

Healthy means happy!

What sort of impact does exercise have on your dog?

Every dog and pup needs physical exercise to expend energy and maintain their health, no matter how small or large they are. Regular exercise not only has a positive impact on their physical health but also their mental health. Walking dogs on a regular basis reduces anxiety and boredom. We have a walking program for every dog, the program will vary depending on things like the dog’s age, if the dog has or has had an injury in the past and we also take into consideration the weather and environmental conditions, making sure that each dog is happy every single time! So if you require our Dog walking Sydney Eastern Suburbs service, get in touch today!

We service in and around:

‎Botany, Banksmeadow,  Chifley, Daceyville, Eastgardens, Eastlakes, Hillsdale, Kingsford, Little Bay, Malabar, Matraville, Maroubra, Rosebery, Mascot, Pagewood.

Comfort in nature!

That great feeling of freedom!

Dogs love exercise, activity out and about & playing. Providing your dog the right amount of exercise can help them with their personality and behaviour. It can also help minimise the following:

  • Minimise Chewing of furniture and cables
  • Scratching furniture, wall skirting
  • Being to active during the evening
  • Hyperactivity during the day
  • Jumping on people
  • Biting excessively while playing
  • Attention seeking, such as whining the ‘I am sad, give me attention’ sound.

Does your dog need exercise?

Every dog needs exercise to stay healthy and feel young! We walk dogs, giving them the exercise and socialisation they need to be healthy and happy.

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