Dog walking services Mascot NSW

Do you require a dog walker or dog walking service in Mascot?

We provide dog walking services for all types of dogs in and around Mascot. If you have been a little too busy and feel your dog needs some exercise, we are here to help! We provide everything from short dog walks, long dog walks, games and pretty much everything a dog needs to burn off some steam! A healthy dog is a happy dog!


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Why does a dog require regular walking?

If you live in Mascot then you are most probably a busy buddy just like a lot of people who live in the area, and sometimes other commitments may get in the way which can have an impact on your dog. Regular dog walking helps dogs stay healthy and happy. It also decreases things like anxiety. A dogs behaviour can change if they are not receiving the attention &/or exercise they require. Our goal is to help as many dog owners as possible in Mascot by taking their dog for a walk, whether it’s a short quick walk or a long 1 hour walk to help them stay in shape.

Why chose us to walk your dog in Mascot?

  • We choose the right program for your pet
  • We offer a range of walks, including short walks, long walks, games, and more.
  • We provide house visits
  • We provide overnight stays
  • All dogs receive a healthy treat after their walk
  • We love walking dogs!


Individual Dog Walks


Group Dog Walks


Home Pet Visits


Overnight Stays

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