About Us

People love dogs, dogsĀ love people but a common problem these days is people get to busy with either work or other commitments. Owning a dog requires commitment to keep them healthy, this is not just related to their diet but exercise also. Overseeing this as a common problem in today’s world; Happy Go Lucky Paws was born! Our goal is to provide a service which helps the extra busy people keep their dogs fit and happy.

Why Choose Us?

  • We choose the right program for your pet
  • We offer a range of walks, including short walks, long walks, games, and more.
  • We provide house visits
  • We provide overnight stays
  • All dogs receive a healthy treat after their walk
  • We love walking dogs!


A little story about Aby

Aby came to our life on 17 May 2014 from Wagga Wagga Pound. I started to look after her as a foster mum through a rescue group. There were 2 families who wanted to take Aby as soon as she was ready to go.

A short time later after a checkup we came to know Aby had a mammary tumor gland (like breast cancer in a human). The Vet predicted that Aby only had few months to live as the cancer spread dramatically.

Being an animal lover I just could not bring myself to take her to the pound, knowing what would happen to her. I kept Aby in my care and looked after her. Aby is still in my care and has proved the VET wrong, she is living a happy, active life. After this experience I made a promise on that day, any animal that comes into my care I would treat them with the love and respect they need, because every day is precious.